October 26, 2010

A Wedding in Michigan


Every time I go to a wedding, I absolutely need to take a picture of the cake. I love to check out the different designs and if the cake is traditional or modern. The cake at the last wedding I went to was really pretty, with black and red offsetting the whiteness of the cake. The best part of this cake? Not only did it look breathtaking, but it tastes great too. It seemed like a normal white/vanilla interior, but the frosting was the best part. It seemed like a type of cream cheese frosting, which is my personal favorite. Read about the rest of the food after the jump!
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July 27, 2010

Traditional Wedding Foods


 It’s summertime and everyone I know is getting married!  I’ve gotten completely swept up in all of the wedding madness, and I started wondering what traditional wedding recipes existed in the world.  Besides cake, of course, do different cultures have different foods at their weddings?

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July 13, 2010

The Biggest Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen!


I love going to weddings! Who doesn’t? Love is in the air, you get to dress up, everyone wants to have fun and the food is delicious! On Saturday, I attended my second cousin’s wedding in downtown Chicago. There was a green/blue/purple peacock theme, which looked beautiful, and the cake was HUGE! It is probably the biggest cake I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the Food Network show, Ace of Cakes, then you know what I mean.
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September 3, 2008

Food Too Pretty Not To Share

If you’re like me, you’re constantly taking pictures of food. My camera has become an extra limb of sorts because there is rarely a time that I’m not snapping away at a nice meal. And some food is just too pretty not to share. I mean, that’s why sites like TasteSpotting and FoodGawker were made, right? Unfortunately for me, I can’t take credit for the beauty and delicious taste of the foods you will see in this post. But hey, I ate them and took pictures for you! That should count for something.

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