April 12, 2010

I’ll Pass on the Airplane Food


Last night I stayed in with my boyfriend and watched the very well-reviewed film, “Up in the Air.” Filled with humor and emotion that wasn’t too outrageous, and led by some fab actors, I have to admit that it’s definitely one of the best films I’ve seen so far in 2010. Even though the film really has nothing to do with cooking, I got to thinking about a particular kind of food. The wonderful cuisine served on an airplane. Note my sarcasm.
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July 22, 2008

On Free Water (A Quick Essay)

Growing up in America’s restaurants, drinking water for free always seemed like a given. I was raised with the attitude that it is my right as a customer to have water, and as much water as I want at that. Everytime I go out to eat, I fully expect a glass of water to be waiting for me at the table or that a busboy will soon be on his way with a cold glass of good old tap water. And never, I mean not once, did it ever occur to me that I was spoiled in this regard. I mean, how could someone deny me water? Right?

Well…I recently came across this post on Chowhound (a food forum) that begs a similar question and really put my skewed American attitude into perspective. A very agitated original poster wrote: “Is it legal for an eating establishment to decline free tap water to its customers?” Knowing what I know now, I would answer this question differently than I would have, say, a year ago.

So what has changed?

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