April 26, 2010

Top Chef Masters: A Look at Season 2 So Far


Recently, I’ve found myself enjoying watching food shows more and more.  I used to avoid watching them because they made me so hungry.  Now I’m absorbed enough to put my hunger pangs aside for pure enjoyment! In case you haven’t already guessed, the show I’ve been watching for the past few weeks is Top Chef Masters Season 2 (I didn’t see season 1). Read the rest of this entry »

August 21, 2009

Rick Bayless’ Top Chef Masters Viewing Party


Many of my friends hate watching cooking shows because they think if they can’t taste the food, what’s the point? Well Wednesday night I had the pleasure and the privilege of  tasting appetizers and drinks prepared by Rick Bayless’ team of chefs while watching the finale of Top Chef Masters WITH Rick Bayless at his very own Frontera Grill. Now, of course I watch plenty of cooking shows without all this amazing hullabaloo, but this memory will certainly take the cake! Er, ceviche. Yes, there was ceviche there, and lots of it.

Warning: If you haven’t watched the finale of Top Chef Masters yet, there are spoilers after the jump.

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August 7, 2009

And Then There Were Four (Top Chef Masters)


The four remaining chefs you see above should theoretically be among the best in the country. Not only were they picked for Top Chef Masters but they have already risen as the cream of the crop amongst their competitors and survived two Master episodes of this competition. Yes, in theory, it shouldn’t get much better than the four of them. And it doesn’t.

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June 26, 2009

Top Chef Masters: Offal Street Food


What do a Midwesterner, a Californian, a French guy and a Puerto Rican have in common? They all competed in Episode 3 of Top Chef Masters! In the colorful quickfire, Frenchman Ludo Lefebvre disappointed tasters while Puerto Rican Wilo Benet wowed them. But the game changed when these master chefs had to serve up some awful offal ingredients. Beef heart? Tongue? Pig Ear? No thanks! But Master Chefs like these can make anything seem appealing…

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