June 20, 2013

Counting my Starbucks® Calories

Mark your calendars for June 25, 2013. It is the day that Starbucks® will be adding Caloric Menu Board Labeling to all stores nationwide. Venti, whole milk and extra-pump drinkers everywhere will shutter. Read the rest of this entry »

April 22, 2011

Free Coffee at Starbucks Today!

Happy Earth Day, everybody!  Not only is today about being green and eco-friendly, but thanks to Starbucks, today is also about getting free coffee! If you’re good to the earth, Starbucks will be good to you.  Learn all about this one-day promotion after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

September 16, 2010

Erasing “Tall” From the Starbucks Menu


I bring a thermos of black coffee to work every day, but some days it just completely slips my mind. Without my coffee, I feel like a walking, talking zombie, and it’s just not pretty. This morning was one of those days. I woke up 10 minutes late, forgot to make my coffee and rushed out of the house to make it to work on time. Since there wasn’t too much traffic, I figured I’d stop at the drive-through Starbucks to pick up a drink. But the menu was completely changed. I didn’t see many options, and to my dismay, the size “tall,” the smallest Starbucks size, was completely left off the menu. Keep reading to see what I did.
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January 14, 2009

On Starbucks’ New Tea Lattes

[Images courtesy of Starbucks.com]

On days like these (read: pending below zero temperatures, blizzard warnings and all-together crappy winter conditions), it’s hard not to want to cozy up to a nice warm beverage.  Of course, it’s even harder to justify going outside and getting one, but luckily, the window of opportunity where the snowy winds gave us a break just happened to occur during lunchtime. Not to mention, a Starbucks gift card in my wallet gave me that extra incentive to pick up a nice and steamy beverage. Enter: the tea latte.

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