August 1, 2014

No ‘R’ in July … or August: The Best Oysters to Eat this Summer


When at the peak of their freshness, raw oysters are the rare luxurious food that is also incredibly healthy to eat. But the old adage that one should only consume oysters in months that contain an ‘r’ seems both wise and commonsensical. Cooler months provide less opportunity for things to go wrong in the sourcing, storage and delivery of the temperature-sensitive bivalves, so months without an ‘r’ are comparably riskier. Couple this with the fact that summer is typically the time when most varieties of oysters spawn, and diners can run into all kinds of issues with quality.

But celebrated chef and restaurateur April Bloomfield insists that foodies can ignore the adage and enjoy their fave bivalve delicacies year-round – if foodies are a little careful about the oysters that they select. In a great little piece published last week by Joshua David Stein on, Bloomfield offered a list of her favorite summer oysters selected from among those regularly available at her New York City seafood restaurant, The John Dory Oyster BarRead the rest of this entry »

February 27, 2013

Cod’s Gift To Health

This week, we welcome a guest blogger, Gabriela Sneider, a college student from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a business development associate for the Santa Barbara Fish Market to talk about her  sustainable diet. Take it away, Gabriela! Read the rest of this entry »

December 17, 2012

III Forks? 5 Stars.

3 Forks Filet with sides

I don’t hide my disdain for chain restaurants. I define a chain restaurant as a brand that has at least five locations. I find that the original idea behind a chain may be good, but it becomes tough for the subsequent locations to maintain the food quality. Eventually, chains become synonymous with mediocre food at decent prices. So when I was invited to III Forks to have dinner on Saturday night, you better believe I was worried. III Forks is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant with 3 locations in Texas, 3 locations in Florida, and one location in downtown Chicago. I was preparing myself for a mediocre experience, but what I got is one of the best restaurant experiences that I have ever had.  Read the rest of this entry »

January 12, 2012

Hearty Dinner Thursday: Seafood Edition

In the history of Hearty Dinner Thursday, we’ve covered everything from rich meaty casseroles to vegetarian entrees like lasagna. In our review, we have not covered all of the delicious ways that seafood can be used to make delectable and filling meals. Keep reading to see our meal suggestions, and tell us about your favorite seafood. Read the rest of this entry »

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