August 16, 2012

Pinterest Mason Jar Salad Shakers!


Labor Day is fast upon us, and we know some of you will be rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering what you can serve at your last-minute get-together. Keep reading to see the cute and kitschy ways you can serve up a variety of mason jar salads at your big end-of-Summer party! Read the rest of this entry »

February 23, 2011

My New Obsession: Hearts of Palm

Sitting near the side of my refrigerator, I noticed an interesting little jar last week. It was filled with something called hearts of palm, and I’ll admit, they were kind of weird looking. Each one was about 3-4 inches long, and half an inch think.

Milky white in color, they almost reminded me extra large cigarettes. When I touched them, I was a little put off by the slippery, slimy texture, but when I noticed that there was a mini cylinder within the outer shell, I was like, “I need to try this!” Keep reading to see what I thought!
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October 26, 2010

A Wedding in Michigan


Every time I go to a wedding, I absolutely need to take a picture of the cake. I love to check out the different designs and if the cake is traditional or modern. The cake at the last wedding I went to was really pretty, with black and red offsetting the whiteness of the cake. The best part of this cake? Not only did it look breathtaking, but it tastes great too. It seemed like a normal white/vanilla interior, but the frosting was the best part. It seemed like a type of cream cheese frosting, which is my personal favorite. Read about the rest of the food after the jump!
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October 1, 2010

Food in the News: Domino’s Breakfast Pizza, Food Allergy Bullies and Chiquita Banana


Domino’s Breakfast Pizza – It seems like every fast food restaurant has been trying to get into the breakfast game. Subway, Burger King and now pizza place Domino’s.  One location in Ohio is now offering a breakfast pizza featuring eggs and cheese on a pizza crust for $7.99. You can get up to three toppings for the price, and recommended combinations include ham and bacon; sausage, onions and jalapeños; and onion, green pepper and mushrooms.
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