July 18, 2014

Where Can I Get Some Tetris-Shaped Taters? At MIT, of course!

MIT Tetris Hash Browns

Chris Caesar of Boston.com reports that MIT’s latest tribute to Tetris, the classic 1980′s video game, has come in the form of … hash browns.   Read the rest of this entry »

October 6, 2011

Hearty Dinner Thursday: Steak and Potatoes

We have several ideas for your hearty dinner this evening, and recipes to match! Keep reading to learn a great variation on the traditional steak and potatoes, and learn how you can make this combo a menu staple by serving it with different sides! Read the rest of this entry »

October 26, 2010

A Wedding in Michigan


Every time I go to a wedding, I absolutely need to take a picture of the cake. I love to check out the different designs and if the cake is traditional or modern. The cake at the last wedding I went to was really pretty, with black and red offsetting the whiteness of the cake. The best part of this cake? Not only did it look breathtaking, but it tastes great too. It seemed like a normal white/vanilla interior, but the frosting was the best part. It seemed like a type of cream cheese frosting, which is my personal favorite. Read about the rest of the food after the jump!
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September 10, 2010

Food in the News: Sweet Potato Latte, Buffalo Wing Contest and Bizarre Food Addictions


Bizarre Food Addictions – A new show on TLC called “Freaky Eaters” will take people who have really strange eating habits and give them some type of rehabilitation. Well, this could be very entertaining or quite horrible. The producers say that they don’t just deal with picky eaters, some of the individuals won’t eat certain foods because of the texture or the flavor. Some even throw up. There’s already a version of this show in the UK, and some of those people were addicted to brown sauce and Yorkshire pudding.
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