July 6, 2010

Ethnic Recipes for a World Cup Party!


Even though there are only four teams left in the 2010 World Cup, why not throw a celebration filled with global recipes that celebrate all the teams that made it in the tournament? Since the World Cup only takes place every four years, jump on the bandwagon now! The final match is taking place next Sunday! Check out who’s still playing, and a full menu for your own World Cup Party after the jump!

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February 18, 2009

And The 81st Academy Awards Menu Nominees Are…


Planning on watching the Academy Awards this Sunday? Why not invite some friends over and prepare a meal inspired by your favorite Best Picture Nominee? From Indian Chicken curry for Slumdog Millionaire to San Francisco Pork Chops for Milk, these movies not only inspire us in the movie theater but in the kitchen too!

Find out more details on the Academy Awards and get menu ideas here!

October 23, 2008

Are You Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is in T minus 8 days, are you prepared? What will your celebration consist of this year? Are you having friends and family over for a spooky menu of tricks and treats? Well if so, make Chew on That and Recipe4Living your one stop shop for Halloween recipes. From spooky to just plain gross, we’ve got Halloween recipes up to our ‘edible eyeballs’. So dig into a gravedigger’s cake, or make some of your own Halloween worms!

Get all of our spooktacular Halloween recipes, tips and more after the jump!

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