February 21, 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday: Enjoy Mardi Gras Today!

Happy Fat Tuesday! Today is the day to indulge and enjoy food; no need to feel guilty today! Keep reading for recipes and history of this special foodie day. More after the jump, revelers! Read the rest of this entry »

May 10, 2011

My Trip to New Orleans: What I Ate and How I Ate It!

Last weekend, I headed to New Orleans with a friend to see Jazzfest and explore the city.  One of our favorite things to do in the city was walk around and simply eat everything in sight! I love tasting foods I haven’t tried before, especially if they’re the specialties of the area.  Read all about what I ate in New Orleans after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

May 26, 2010

Paula Deen Supports the Louisiana Seafood Industry


If you thought that the BP oil  spill throughout the Gulf of Mexico didn’t affect the food and cooking industry, you were wrong. But it’s probably not what you think. The misconceptions that Louisiana seafood is now unsafe or unavailable is actually hurting the area’s seafood industry more than the actual oil spill itself.

Luckily, world renown chef, Paula Deen, the queen of southern cooking, and John Besh, a cookbook author and a celebrated chef of New Orleans, are joining together to garner some excitement for the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience which begins today, according to an article in the Associated Press.
Read the rest of this entry »

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