July 26, 2012

To Eat In or Dine Out…That is the Question!

In my case, I did both this week. Why choose one when you can have both? I prepared a fantastic Mediterranean dinner that also served as the next day’s work lunch AND I had dinner at my favorite local BBQ place (Guy Fieri is a fan)…read on to see what I ate and how you can make your own version of my fab dinner/lunch! Read the rest of this entry »

January 5, 2011

3 Fun Ways To Use Hummus…It’s Not Just A Dip!


It’s really easy to just grab some hummus, place it on a plate and just begin chowing down on with vegetables, but it’s so boring. Sonny & Joe’s gave us a couple cool ideas on how to use their hummus, and all we have to say is YUM!

Compared to creamy, fatty dips, hummus is relatively healthy. It can also be used as a condiment or as an ingredient in a recipe. Keep reading to see how you can use hummus.
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September 9, 2010

A Delicious and Awesomely Easy Meal to Make for Guests!


This past Saturday, when I was in Minneapolis, I visited my uncle and his girlfriend.  They had invited my boyfriend and myself over for dinner to catch up.  While we were there, we were served one of the best (and easiest to make) dinners I have had in a LONG time.  From that moment on, I decided that this is the meal I would make whenever I have guests over.  It’s quick, it’s yummy, and it’s so easy that even I can make it!  Read what it is after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

January 8, 2010

War on Hummus


Hummus, the chickpea spread that many of us know and love, is now at the center of the latest Middle Eastern conflict. Forget land settlements and religious wars. Let’s focus on something a little more important like say,  who can make the largest serving of hummus? After some back and forth controversy, Israel now has the lead with a world record of more than four metric tons of hummus. The prior record had just been set in October by Lebanese hummus makers. But regardless of who is leading this war on hummus, we’re really just craving some hummus!

Bring on the hummus recipes!  (Find them after the jump.)

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