July 18, 2008

Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Cocktail Museum - Preserving our country’s history, one drink at a time! The museum opens this month in New Orleans.

A skyline of farms - Instead of taking up large expanses of land, the latest farming idea involves vertical expansion. Could farms be the next city skyline contributors?

Bettering the Burger – A group of Argentine (I swear I did not seek this out!) researchers are trying to find the perfect burger: tasty and healthy at the same time. So far, they’ve tested hundreds of thousands of burgers.

Nuts and pregnancy may cause asthma – A new study tells pregnant women to be careful when eating their legumes.

A grease-less stirfry starts with the wok – A new wok has been designed to make the final stir fry less greasy. It’s different shape prevents veggies and meats from absorbing too much of the oil they are cooked in.

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