September 27, 2014

Really? Chinese Noodle Shop Owner Confesses to Lacing Meals with Opiates to Get Customers Returning for More

The South China Morning Post confirmed its story earlier this week that a noodle shop owner in the Chinese provincial capital of Xi’an had confessed to Chinese police that he had been secretly including a paste made of poppy pods into his menu items. The article reports that the restaurant owner did so in the hopes of making his customers addicted to his noodles. Read the rest of this entry »

March 29, 2012

Food Sponsors and Sports… An Odd Pairing + Today’s Sweets 16 Contest!

With all the buzz about McDonald’s again hosting the All-American Game in 2012, I’ve been thinking, the pairings between food and beverage companies and sports is really quite strange. The All-American Game celebrates high school basketball players, and gives them a chance to showcase their skills before deciding on colleges at which to continue their careers. Keep reading to see some of the other odd sports sponsors and games that we’ve found, and tell us if you think they’re pretty weird. Read the rest of this entry »

February 15, 2011

Secret Coca Cola Recipe Revealed?

Has the mystery of the amazing recipe for Coca-Cola finally been revealed? Some believe so, and the web has been in a flurry all day long. For 125 years, the company has kept the secret carefully guarded, and so it would make sense that this discovery was accidental.

The producers of the radio program, This American Life, happened on an article in a copy of the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, published in 1979. Atlanta is the hometown of Coca-Cola. The recipe was supposedly written down and kept in a leather-bound journal. Keep reading for the original recipe.
Read the rest of this entry »

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