April 10, 2009

Food In The News: Top Chef Masters, Black Rice Sushi, and Restaurant Recovery Rumors

Top Chef Masters – This June, Bravo will premiere a spinoff its popular show Top Chef with famous chef contestants including Chicago’s own Rick Bayless! Think of it as Celebrity Apprentice!

Restaurant Recovery? – A survey indicates restaurants might be seeing more business come in in the coming months.

Black is the new Brown - For extra nutrition, sushi chefs have started using brown rice  in place of its less nutritious white rice counterpart. Now, in Tokyo, black rice sushi trumps the health benefits of brown rice sushi.

Smelt of the Season – A certain fish called smelt only appears when the ice has melted, indicating the sure sign of spring.

A Menu Full of Farms - With the local food movement on the rise, more restaurants are crediting the farm where they purchased their local produce.

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