August 19, 2014

Reports: Shake Shack Considers IPO

Shake Shack IPO

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that Shake Shack, the fast-growing chain of high-end burger restaurants, is seriously considering a public offering. The chain, owned by New York restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, is credited with pioneering the super high-end burger concept, and it has developed something of a fanatical following since it first opened, as a literal shack, a decade ago in Manhattan’s now-trendy Madison Square Park. Read the rest of this entry »

August 16, 2014

5 Amazingly Yummy Zucchini Pasta Recipes That You Need To Make Right Now

Zucchini Pasta Recipes

It’s the very height of summer. So you’re in the mood for something ultra-fresh that won’t bloat you-up like a balloon or put your family into a food coma.  It should be healthy, satisfying and something that gives you a reason to visit a farm stand or green grocer.

Oh, and you’re also feeling just a little bit daring.

That last bit cinches it. You’re in the mood to finally make some zucchini pasta. Read the rest of this entry »

August 9, 2014

3 Gluten-Free Summertime Brunch Ideas that Frankly Rock the House

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

The topic of gluten-intolerance has been in the news a lot lately, and if you’re like me, you know people struggling with celiac’s disease or with some less chronic sensitivities to gluten. Having friends and family struggling with these conditions can make getting together for summer breakfasts and brunches a little awkward. Given that so many traditional breakfast items are loaded with glutens, one is left with either making several different breakfasts to accommodate the various dietary restrictions of one’s guests or, even worse, forcing gluten-sensitive guests to feel left out by showing up with their own breakfasts-for-one.

What a dilemma! Well, I think I’ve got an answer. Or three delectable answers, to be a bit more precise. Read the rest of this entry »

August 6, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About the New Gluten-Free Labeling Rules

One year ago, after considerable public (and no doubt even more backroom) debate, the FDA ruled that U.S. food manufacturers had twelve months to adhere to stricter labeling requirements for products claiming to be “gluten-free.” The move was hailed as a major victory by some health and nutrition activists; it was cited as an example of bureaucratic foot-dragging by others. Either way, the ruling gave manufacturers twelve months to get themselves compliant with the FDA’s new labeling standards before facing potential regulatory action.

Yesterday, that twelve month period ended and the stricter rules officially came into effect. Which means, the jig us up for FDA rule-breakers and gluten-scammers.

But what exactly are the new rules? And what are their implications? With a little help from the FDA’s most recent statements, here’s what you need to know. Read the rest of this entry »

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