November 24, 2012

What to do with Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey!

It’s a couple days after Thanksgiving and we’re sure everyone is a little tired of eating leftover turkey. But – don’t write off the possibility of enjoying your leftovers quite yet! We have lots of unique recipes for using your leftover turkey in non-boring ways. Click through to get the list! Read the rest of this entry »

November 21, 2012

A Look at What You, Our Readers, Think about Thanksgiving

Thanks to our incredibly involved Recipe4Living Twitter followers and Recipe4Living Facebook fans, we learned what a lot of you love to do for the Thanksgiving holiday. Keep reading to learn more, and let us know in the comments if you disagree! Read the rest of this entry »

November 18, 2012

Emergency Thanksgiving Day Cooking Substitutions

How many times have you run out of a dire ingredient, only to realize it smack in the middle of preparing a major meal? With Thanksgiving coming up, we can’t afford to take those chances! Read the rest of this entry »

November 13, 2012

Holiday Recipes from Macy’s Celebrity Chefs

macy's culinary council, macy's holiday cookbook

These Thanksgiving and holiday recipes come from the chefs that make up the Macy’s Culinary Council. Macy’s Culinary Council is a team of distinguished chefs including well-known names like Cat Cora and Wolfgang Puck. Read the rest of this entry »

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