January 4, 2011

Skip Fried Fish!


Though you may have heard of the “Bible Belt,” did you know that many of those same states have been designated as part of the “Stroke Belt” also? That’s because many of those Southern states have seen higher rates of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases than the rest of the country, according to the New York Times.

Research is now suggesting that part of the reason why this is so has to do with a common staple in Southern cuisine: fried fish. According to Recipe4Living, fish are high in protein, and healthy fats that promote eye health and decrease the likelihood of macular degeneration. But when you fry them up, much of their nutritional value is lost.
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August 27, 2010

Food in the News: Babies Eating Salmon, Fried Beer and an Airline’s Cookbook


Salmon Baby Food – Susan Brewer created a baby food that uses wild salmon. Salmon isn’t exactly the fish you might think of for baby food because it’s a little tougher. But the food uses salmon that caught late in the fish’s life, when its flesh has begun to soften. Brewers also adds salmon bonemeal and roe to her mix, for added nutrition. I didn’t start eating fish until I was about 16, so the thought of infants putting mashed up salmon in their mouths kind of grosses me out.
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February 19, 2010

Tips for Lent Fasting

VGKids Sticker Template

For Lent this year, I’ll be giving up meat. It’s day three and I already feel like I’m being majorly challenged. I’m a picky eater as it is, so cutting out all my chicken and beef isn’t giving me as many options for dinner. The first year that I fasted from meat, I was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost every day. Thankfully, over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to survive the Lenten season without feeling too starved of protein.
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February 2, 2009

Seared Salmon with Orange Glaze


After a night of wings, chips, pizza, chili, beer or whatever you ate at your Super Bowl gathering, some of you might be in need of some lighter meals this week. I’d like to recommend a recipe I came across from Recipe4Living.  Seared salmon with orange glaze is the perfect post-Super Bowl dinner meal, and it’s quite easy too!

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