February 11, 2011

Drinking on Valentine’s Day

If you’re staying in this weekend for Valentine’s Day with your sweetie, you can try making a couple interesting drinks. That’s what I’ll be doing! I’m not a big wine drinker. Cocktails and punches appeal to me much more, so I’ve been browsing through Recipe4Living’s beverage section to find some of the best Valentine’s Day sippers. Find out what they are after the jump!
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February 3, 2011

Spice Things Up This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where you should definitely experiment a little bit in the…kitchen! Cook and bake with ingredients you usually shy away from. Be adventurous, especially when it comes to a little bit of spice. We’ve created a list of some of the best hot and spicy sweets to make your loved one for the big day of romance! Check them out after the jump!
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January 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Round-Up: Blog Posts that Will Help You Prep for the Big Day

Yes, I know, it’s still a month away, but if you want to go big this Valentine’s Day, you need to start early!  I have been perusing some blogs lately and found some fantastic posts that will help you whip up some unforgettable dishes for your loved one (or your single friends!) on V-Day.  Check them out after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

December 2, 2010

Alizé Gold Passion


I think pretty much everyone has seen Alizé if they’ve ever walked through their grocery store’s liquor section. It’s relatively high-end, and every bottle of alcohol is so colorful. I had the opportunity to try Alizé Gold Passion recently, and I was more than impressed. This flavor contains passion fruit juice and other exotic fruits blended with premium French vodka. It was introduced in 1986, two years before I was born. Since I’m only 22, I don’t have too much experience with reviewing alcohol, but I do know when I like the taste of something, and that was the case here.
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