March 4, 2008

Another Fabulous Package

If blog posts could be thank you notes, I’d make this into one.

In an ideal world, spring would come a little faster, and every town (or at least my hometown) would run exactly like a college campus.

No – it’s not the late night shenanigans of drunken frat boys that I miss. Nor is it the abundance of cheap pizza and crappy Chinese. It’s…

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December 13, 2007

Best package ever!

Hey, remember that time when I told you all how I was obsessed with this Israeli chocolate bar with pop rocks but couldn’t find it in the States or online anywhere!?


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July 5, 2007

Pop Rockin’ Chocolate

So, I need a favor. About a month ago, I tried a chocolate bar that nearly changed my life. It was an Israeli chocolate bar, but the unique part about it was that it had pop rocks in it! Just imagine that for a second, chocolate with pop rocks. Sounds simple, but it is out of this world, and it created, quite literally, a party in my mouth (I know I’ve used this expression before, but it’s too appropriate here to pass up.)

My problem is, it’s been out of my world for a little bit too long. I can’t find it anywhere! I believe the brand was the Israeli Elite brand (they make a ton of delicious chocolate, you should try it sometime), but their Web site seems to be lacking in the accessibility department. So here’s where you come in. Know of a particular grocery store that carries it, or a website I can order mass amounts of them from? If so, please let me know! My cravings are unruly lately and they need to be fed.

That is all. Thank you.

-Hillary, obviously wishing she was eating chocolate with pop rocks
Editor, Recipe4Living

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