February 8, 2011

Happy “Shape Up with Pickles Week”…???

I was kind of at a loss when it came to what I should write about today- that is, until I discovered that the first week of February is National Shape Up with Pickles Week!  What exactly does this mean?  I have absolutely no idea!  After tons of research, I still cannot find out how this holiday originated or what you’re supposed to do for it… Read the rest of this entry »

July 24, 2007

“Pickled” pink

I used to HATE pickles, and well, I still kind of do. But I have to say I’ve come across some very intriguing pickling ideas from some of my favorite food bloggers. For those of you once fearful of the pickling process (like myself), might I acknowledge that pickling is not just for cucumbers. I don’t mind showing off my naïveté, because I now know that pickles are, apparently, so much more than that.

They can be…carrots. (courtesy of Orangette)

Or, red onions (courtesy of Matt Bites)

Or, watermelon? Huh??? (courtesy of Scrumptious Street)

And, last but not least: Blueberries! (courtesy of I’m Mad and I Eat)

So you see, there are no restrictions when it comes to pickling. And I shouldn’t have been surprised. The site has a ton of pickle recipes. I might even try pickling something myself! Hmm…pickled potatoes anyone?

-Hillary, making herself sick of the world “pickle”…Peter Piper picked a pack of…I’ll stop.
Editor, Recipe4Living

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