December 8, 2010

December Monthly Mouthful


We brought back the Monthly Mouthful just in time for the holiday season! It’s been way too long since we’ve sent out a cooking/food question to our awesome bloggers! No matter what holiday you celebrate during the winter, most of us have traditions and recipes that we make each and ever year.

We wanted to hear all about these yummy dishes, so we asked our favorite food bloggers: “What is your favorite traditional holiday dish? Is there a dish you make every Christmas or Hanukah? Tell us all about it and send the recipe too!”

Even though we haven’t done the Monthly Mouthful in a year, we were still overwhelmed by the amount of bloggers who responded. Thank you to everyone who helped us bring the Monthly Mouthful back out of retirement.
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November 4, 2009

November Monthly Mouthful

We had a lot of fun with this Monthly Mouthful! With the holiday season approaching, tasty pies like apple or pumpkin have a way of stealing our hearts and serenading our taste buds. From pecan to butternut squash, there are just so many kinds of pie that make their way onto the holiday table! But this year we were cruel and asked our favorite food bloggers: “If you had to limit yourself to eating just ONE kind of pie this holiday season, which would it be?

And no, this was not an easy question. Many bloggers had a hard time picking just one while other bloggers cheated in my opinion and merged two kind of pies into one ;) But overall, I think everyone was just thankful this was only the Monthly Mouthful and not real life! (Luckily you can still make as many pie recipes as you wish!)

Scroll down for the responses and our fancy “pie” chart! :)

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October 7, 2009

October Monthly Mouthful

You know how it goes: You’re hosting a holiday dinner and your niece will absolutely not show up if you don’t make her favorite ___. This month we asked our favorite food bloggers to  fill in the blank. We asked: What dish are you most known for? What recipes do your guests demand?

Learn about 8 different signature dishes after the jump!

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September 2, 2009

September Monthly Mouthful

The best thing about being a food blogger is seeing the passion it evokes in other foodies. After all, food is an important topic for everyone and as it turns out, food bloggers are some of the most passionate people I know. In fact, the entire Monthly Mouthful concept is inspired by the unique and interesting  passions of food bloggers around the world. But what is the inspiration behind this passion? What dishes are responsible for inspiring this world of food bloggers and making them so distinct from non-foodies?

Inspired by the finale of Top Chef Masters where contestants were asked to cook a dish that represented what made them want to become a chef,  this month we asked our favorite food bloggers: “If you had to pick one, what dish or meal is most responsible for your decision to become a chef, food blogger or foodie? Please share your inspirational recipes with us!”

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