July 5, 2007

About time

Apparently, NYC restaurant chains are now required by law to prominently display nutritional information for concerned customers. And they’re reluctant to do so. A Burger King, for example, put their info on a wall where few prospective customers would notice it. Had the customers actually seen the sign in a prominent location,

…they could have learned that a triple Whopper with cheese has 1,230 calories (1,070 without mayonnaise), and a king-size chocolate shake has 1,260. The recommended daily calorie intake for an adult woman is about 1,800.

I know nothing’s more American that truly terrible-for-you fast food, but come on, 1,260 calories for a frakkin’ milkshake? I hope we see legislation like this in Chicago as soon as possible; you can’t keep us from eating junk, but by God you should warn us about it.

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