March 11, 2011

How to Make Irish Soda Bread

Start planning your green outfit, St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Corned beef and cabbage are both traditional Irish foods, but rather than cook a savory main course on the holiday, try your hand at soda bread instead. We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to make Irish soda bread!
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March 17, 2008

Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those of you celebrating!

Over at Recipe4Living, we’ve compiled a special list of our Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes so if you’re in need of some last minute St. Patrick’s Day meal ideas, feel free to check it out!

Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

1. Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage
2. Colcannon
3. Irish Brown Soda Bread
4. Irish Chicken and Dumplings
5. Sweet Potato and Wild Mushroom Irish Lamb Stew

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August 24, 2007

Erin Go Bragh

Well this is my last day in New York. Saturday, I fly home to Indiana, spend a little time in Mexico with my family (including the precious rugrats), and then I am off to Ireland at the end of September. Ooohh man, I am looking forward to the food in Mexico. I plan on grilling something that I catch over the course of the week (hopefully snapper or grouper). Perhaps I will try Cuban-hand-lining again to catch small bonefish in the shallows. Otherwise, I will be hanging a leg off the side of a boat, inhaling the smell of salty seawater, and feeling my own personal peace with the world. (Sorry for the jealous feelings you might be experiencing!)

I also plan on eating a lot of fresh salsa, guacamole, and many, many sopes. (Sopes are not generally carried in many Mexican restaurants in the U.S. it seems, but I love them.) Maybe we will return to Cozumel to repeat the best meal of my life. Although I have fallen in love with many aspects of New York, the energy, the creativity, I just cannot wait to leave the concrete jungle for trees, fresh air, and open spaces. This is how I grew up, the flat fields of Indiana and the occasional trip to the ocean.

Although cold and rainy, Ireland is at least famously green. I hope to join a food co-op in Dublin when I arrive, which is a popular choice for many due to the high price of groceries in the city. Basically, I work for a couple hours a week in exchange for very cheap groceries. I’ve heard some great things about the fresh produce, and I cannot wait to see how Dublin is transforming into a foodie city.

Now, what do I eat for my last night in NYC? Remember, I’m cheap.

June 20, 2007

I’m Moving to Ireland

Ok, ok, this is not exactly news for anyone that knows me. Nonetheless, it’s been one of those days that I can’t stop thinking “Holy #$&% I’m moving to Ireland.” I’m moving to Dublin in September to pursue my goal of being a lifelong student, and where I will also continue my love of food. I’ve heard things about the cost of dining out in Ireland which make me think I’ll be cooking more than here in NYC. In that spirit, I decided to devote my regular blog reading to some awesome Irish food blogs today. The rumored Irish “gift of gab” is true people.

  • Val’s Kitchen writes about “American-Style” fluffy pancakes. I had no idea we could take credit for that! Giving me something to look forward to, Ireland is that “Atlantic blasted island of rain.” Bring it.
  • The Humble Housewife makes me somewhat ravenous with these:

  • The super-close-up pictures served up with wit at Stuff yer bake are amazing. And, yes, the title of the blog amuses me greatly.
  • Martin Dwyer tells me that duck fat is freely available in supermarkets in Ireland….And that I will be cooking my cabbage in it. Awesome.

Might I finish with my favorite Irish food recipe at

Sweet Potato and Wild Mushroom Lamb Stew


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