September 21, 2007

Your Weekly Libation: Girlier and Girlier

Okay, I can defend my love of cider, and I can defend my get-ya-drunk fruity drinks, but this…this…

I’m gonna drink a German Chocolate Martini this weekend, and I am ashamed. I think I have to re-apply for my masculinity. Fortunately, I keep an extra license under the bed.

Why haven’t I tried it yet? Well, to be honest, the liquor cabinet at Casa del Jim isn’t too well-stocked in the best of times, and with other things occupying my attention this week I didn’t have time to hit the store and pick up any new and interesting booze. But I promise next week I’ll recommend a drink I know I love, rather than one I think I’ll love.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


September 7, 2007

Your Weekly Libation: Teetotaler Edition


I won’t try to claim I’ve never drank ’til I couldn’t feel feelings anymore. I’m pretty sure doing so at least once is a requirement in college. But right now, a depressant that makes you prone to emotional outbursts doesn’t sound like the hottest idea in town.

If I were drinking, I would go find a pub that sold Hardcore Cider–a lovely hard cider brand (produced by the guys behind Samuel Adams but apparently unavailable in stores) that, for once, is sweet and crisp without tasting like an Alcopop. What is it about the few mass-produced ciders? After trying some microbrewed dry ciders and perrys I can hardly tolerate things like, guh, Hornsby’s. Tastes like somebody poured in an extra bag of sugar; no wonder the British think cider is for curious teenagers.

Go out and have a pint of the good stuff for me, folks. I’ll be nursing a pint of ice cream and wondering, as people often do, if I made a huge mistake.

-Jim will be more cheerful on Monday, especially if he gets to eat more of these

August 31, 2007

Your Weekly Libation: Under-21 Edition

In a surreal twist, despite the excellent boozing I did in Vegas last weekend, the drink that impressed me most had no alcohol in it. That’s right, not one drop! I was in the Venetian’s bakery (open ’til 1 AM, which is a fantastic idea, by the way) Friday afternoon when I saw a fascinating bottle:

That’s right, rhubarb soda, in this case made by Dry Sodas. Now, we all know how much I love dry cider, but a dry soda? Intrigued, I bought two bottles and took them up to my room, where my buddies and I spent fifteen minutes trying to find a bottle opener We all had bottle openers on our pocketknives, but of course those were back in Chicago. Damn you, completely logical air safety laws!

So: how was it? In a word…interesting. I’ve never had a soft drink so dry in my life, nor one with such a pronounced rhubarb flavor. The taste kind of crackled on my tongue–took some getting used to, but by the next day I was sipping another bottle gleefully, my body perhaps thrilled to encounter something non-alcoholic during the trip. In the end it’s quite refreshing, and very different from any other soda I’ve ever imbibed.

As for why it belongs in a heretofore cocktail-only list: I bet it would be outstanding with vodka. Or possibly some gin!

So if any of you folks see this in your local late-night bakery (seriously, why don’t we have more of those?), be sure to pick up a bottle or two. What you mix it with from then on is your own business.

-Jim wonders how many of these recipes he could cook and eat in a row before, uh, dying

July 6, 2007

Your Weekly Libation

Instead of recommending a cocktail this week, I’m gonna push a product from off-site that’s near and dear to my heart: Woodchuck Dark & Dry 802 Draft Cider. Someone at Woodchuck’s laboratories (filled with mad scientists and in a skull-shaped orchard, no doubt) heard my demands for a dryer, crisper cider, and they delivered in spades. It’s not a full escape from the soda pop-sweetness mass-produced ciders all suffer, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

So instead of getting yet another case of that Johnny-come-lately beer, stop by your local liquor store and try out a six-pack of Dark & Dry. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, drink the remaining five bottles really fast, and you’ll get happy pretty quickly.

-Jim out, mourning Cider’s sad history

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