June 16, 2011

12 Tasty Recipe Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s day is coming up on Sunday and we know just what dad wants: meat, potatoes, and a delicious dessert!  That’s why we’ve assembled a great selection of “manly food” that will make his Father’s Day feast unforgettable!  Keep reading to see our very best Father’s Day recipes. Read the rest of this entry »

April 27, 2011

My Dad Loves Chocolate!

My dad turns the big 5-0 on Sunday! Needless to say, he’s not too thrilled about being half a century old. I’m pretty excited for him though! My dad is an amazing person. He’s passionate, driven and he genuinely cares about people.

One thing that you’ll learn about my dad very soon after meeting him is that he has a crazy sweet tooth. He claims he HAS to have a bowl of ice cream or chocolate chip cookies every night. I really doubt that that’s true, but I don’t argue. Since I love my daddy so much, I wanted to dedicate a mini recipe collection to him. Keep reading for the 10 recipes I think my dad would love from Recipe4Living!

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June 18, 2010

My Father…The Chocoholic


My father enjoys the more simple things in life.  He’s not high-maintenance. He’ll spend his Sunday watching whatever sports game is on television or outside tending to the lawn. He might be doing paperwork, blasting the Rolling  Stones. He can walk like Mick Jagger like you wouldn’t believe.

My father works much more than 40 hours a week, and I remember when I was younger wondering why he couldn’t play with us. My father worked so hard to give my family everything we could ever want, something he inherited from his father, an immigrant from Greece who worked as an Amtrak engineer. My grandfather always wanted to pursue medicine, and actually studied at Loyola University Chicago for a while. My father followed in his footsteps and eventually, my grandfather’s dream became his own.

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