August 19, 2014

Reports: Shake Shack Considers IPO

Shake Shack IPO

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that Shake Shack, the fast-growing chain of high-end burger restaurants, is seriously considering a public offering. The chain, owned by New York restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, is credited with pioneering the super high-end burger concept, and it has developed something of a fanatical following since it first opened, as a literal shack, a decade ago in Manhattan’s now-trendy Madison Square Park. Read the rest of this entry »

July 19, 2014

Survey: Americans Really Do Want Higher Quality, More Variety in their Fast Food

Panera Bread Bowl with Clam Chowder

Americans may be spending more money than ever on dining out, but they’re looking for more than what’s being provided by mega-chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. In results from a massive survey just published by Consumer Reports, readers indicated that, in the three years since Consumer Report’s last survey, food quality has grown in importance for them, while convenience has become less vital.

So while the market for dining out in America has ballooned to more than $680 billion annually, readers in the survey gave especially low grades to some of the highest-provile names in fast food. Read the rest of this entry »

April 11, 2013

Doughnuts Make Me Go Nuts

I know, I know, my titles are going off the rails lately. I like it that way. Anyway, there’s a special occasion coming up in my life (definitely not my birthday if that’s what you’re thinking; I’m definitely not halfway to 46), and Jen kindly decided to bring in doughnuts for said occasion.  I love doughnuts, love them. In high school, I had way too many of them and turned into Augustus Gloop for a few years. Anyway, keep reading for more, including some of my favorite doughnut recipes! Read the rest of this entry »

January 24, 2013

Surviving As A Fast-Food Loving Vegetarian

vegetable burger

As you may or may not know, I am going vegan for Recipe4Living, and am currently on the vegetarian phase of the transition. I’ll admit, there are times when I want to just give up and have an Italian beef sandwich (with extra giardiniera) or roast up a chicken and some vegetables, but so far I’ve stayed strong.

I owe a huge part of my success thus far to fast-food. That’s right, there is such a thing as vegetarian fast food. I’m sure I’ll have a harder time finding vegan fast food options, but I’ll handle that hurdle when I get to it. Keep reading to find some of the fast food options that have kept me sane during my switch to vegetarianism! Read the rest of this entry »

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