July 22, 2014

Harvard Students Invent Product that Lets You Bake a Cake in 60 Seconds. Spray Can Included.

So last week it was Tetris-shaped hash browns from MIT, and this week it’s a couple of Harvard students trying to reinvent the way we bake deserts. Or at least that’s the buzz. Boston.com and WBZ TV report that two Harvard students, John McAllum and Brooke Nowakowski, are in the process of patenting the results of a project for a Harvard cooking class that would allow consumer to bake cakes in around 60 seconds.

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July 11, 2014

5 Insanely Good Cupcake Recipes You Should Make Now (Since We Know You’re Jonesing for a Crumbs Fix)


Crumbs Happy Birthday Cupcake

Ok, since the announcement this week that Crumbs is (at least temporarily) out of the game, a lot of us have begun jonesing for a high quality cupcake fix. Fret not, loyal Chew On That readers – to soothe your urgent cravings, we have five of the finest, freshest cupcake recipes from our sister site, SavvyFork.

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July 29, 2013

Cupcake Shoe Walk Through

A couple weeks ago on R4L’s Facebook page we shared an adorable picture of high heel shoe cupcakes from Grandma’s Bakery in Wisconsin. We got a huge response from all our fans! The Contributors at R4L thought those cupcakes were so cute that we needed to make some of our own.

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May 14, 2013

5 Cool Dessert Tricks

If you thought spiked popsicles were cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Want to learn how to make heart shaped cupcakes, marshmallow frosting and more? Keep reading.

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