July 6, 2011

We Found Some Very Versatile Veggies!

Our gardens are starting to produce, and fruits and vegetables at the grocery store are on sale this season. This means we should focus on adding fruits and vegetables to our cooking! All  fruits and vegetables have a certain place in our kitchen, but a few have made the cut as the most useful and adaptable! Keep reading to find out which veggies are on the list!

1. Tomatoes: From pasta sauce to bread, from soup to bruschetta, tomatoes have an important place in all American households. Check out this article on Ten Tomato Techniques to get cooking!

2. Cucumbers: From gyros to sandwiches, from salads, to soup, cucumbers are unexpectedly versatile. Sometimes, I get too comfortable just chopping them up for a salad, when really there are hundreds of cooking options that are extremely refreshing and satisfying! Check out our article on 8 Great Cucumber Concoctions to learn how to use cucumbers in even more unique ways!

3. Avocados: Used commonly in guacamole and other Mexican foods, and as a part of salads and sandwiches, avocados are similarly versatile. Check out our article on 10 Ways to Use Avocados to add some unique entrees to your usual cooking plan!

March 5, 2011

March Madness: (1) Watermelon vs. (8) Cucumber

Green beans beat apricot! That means that we have 3 vegetables moving on from the spring group, and only one fruit!

It’s David and Goliath in our first summer product match-up. Will watermelon do what it’s predicted to do, or can cucumber show the pink fruit up? Vote now!

Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best watermelon and cucumber recipes below!
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