March 31, 2011

Elite 8: (3) Banana vs. (5) Clementine

Number 5 grape smashed pumpkin to make it into the Final Four! Here comes our next Elite 8 match-up:

These underdogs defeated winter staples, orange and sweet potato. But only one winter item can make it to the Final Four. Will you vote for banana or clementine?

Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best banana and clementine recipes below!
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March 24, 2011

Second Round March Madness! (1) Brussels Sprouts vs. (5) Clementine

Yesterday, banana took down the Thanksgiving favorite, sweet potato – 55% to 45%!

Nobody expected Brussels Sprouts to upset Orange!! What a crazy battle! The match-up between clementine and yellow onion was really close too! That means that you need to watch out for this match-up!

Need some more information on these produce items? Check out these recipes!

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