July 6, 2011

We Found Some Very Versatile Veggies!

Our gardens are starting to produce, and fruits and vegetables at the grocery store are on sale this season. This means we should focus on adding fruits and vegetables to our cooking! All  fruits and vegetables have a certain place in our kitchen, but a few have made the cut as the most useful and adaptable! Keep reading to find out which veggies are on the list!

1. Tomatoes: From pasta sauce to bread, from soup to bruschetta, tomatoes have an important place in all American households. Check out this article on Ten Tomato Techniques to get cooking!

2. Cucumbers: From gyros to sandwiches, from salads, to soup, cucumbers are unexpectedly versatile. Sometimes, I get too comfortable just chopping them up for a salad, when really there are hundreds of cooking options that are extremely refreshing and satisfying! Check out our article on 8 Great Cucumber Concoctions to learn how to use cucumbers in even more unique ways!

3. Avocados: Used commonly in guacamole and other Mexican foods, and as a part of salads and sandwiches, avocados are similarly versatile. Check out our article on 10 Ways to Use Avocados to add some unique entrees to your usual cooking plan!

October 26, 2010

A Wedding in Michigan


Every time I go to a wedding, I absolutely need to take a picture of the cake. I love to check out the different designs and if the cake is traditional or modern. The cake at the last wedding I went to was really pretty, with black and red offsetting the whiteness of the cake. The best part of this cake? Not only did it look breathtaking, but it tastes great too. It seemed like a normal white/vanilla interior, but the frosting was the best part. It seemed like a type of cream cheese frosting, which is my personal favorite. Read about the rest of the food after the jump!
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February 19, 2008

Step by Step: Garlic Crostini

Over the weekend I decided to make some garlic crostini. Similar to bruschetta, it’s an Italian inspired appetizer that’s both simple and flavorful. And since I had some olive oil to use up, it was the perfect solution.

So, just like Maxine’s Snickerdoodles, we’re going to take it Step by Step.

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July 11, 2007

Kitchen Experiment Gone Right

bruschetta closeup

I’m the kind of person who likes to follow directions. Doesn’t really matter what they are, but I figure everything should turn out moderately well if directions are followed. Same is true for recipes. The step by step instructions usually lead you toward a decent finished product. Now, I know from personal experience that, especially with recipes, even the most specific directions don’t always yield the expected results. And every once in a while I get brave enough to throw caution to the wind and make up my own.
bruschetta tomatoes

Last night, R was making his famous lemon and garlic pasta, but I wanted something extra to go with it. R loves bruschetta and I had a quickly-ripening tomato, so it seemed like a good plan. After consulting some reliable recipes, I chose to go it on my own. And the results were fantastic! Ripe tomatoes, freshly baked bread and high quality parmesan cheese made the perfect combination for an easy bruschetta. The fresh flavor complimented the garlic in the pasta with a lightness the meal needed.

I used a French baguette and found the pieces to be slightly small. Next time I’d try to find a wider Italian bread, I think. I’d also cut them a little thinner – it’s hard to bite into a 1-inch thick piece of bread! All in all it was a very successful attempt and I was proud of my creation. But I don’t think I’m quite ready to get rid of the cookbooks yet….

bruschetta tomatoes




2 large tomatoes
1 loaf Italian bread
3-4 leaves fresh basil, chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
1/4 C. onion, chopped
1-2 Tbs. olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan cheese


Seed and dice tomatoes and place in a bowl. Add basil, garlic, onion, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Cut bread into slices 1/2-inch thick. Drizzle grill pan with olive oil. Place slices on pan, turning each piece of bread to make sure both sides have oil. Toast bread over medium heat until both sides are golden brown. If you don’t have a grill pan, this can be done in the toaster oven.

Top each slice of bread with a spoonful of the tomato mixture. Using a vegetable peeler, shave long curls of parmesan and top each bread slice with a curl.

Yield: 4 servings

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