July 20, 2009

We’re Hosting the Monthly Mingle!


Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, oh my! Can you tell the theme for this month’s Monthly Mingle? Every month Meeta (of What’s For Lunch Honey?) and her guest hosts choose a theme for the blog event she founded called the Monthly Mingle. What is it you ask? It’s essentially a place on the Internet where we can gather and celebrate our recipes and love for one kind of food. This month we’re praising: the melon. From smoothies, salads, and even cold refreshing soups, what better time is there to celebrate melon than summer?

Instructions on  how to enter the Marvelous Melon Monthly Mingle after the jump!

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March 2, 2009

Whole Wheat Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna


Plain and simple, I love lasagna. It’s the epitome of versatility with its layers of noodles that let you slip in whatever ingredients you please. You can have meat lasagna, chicken lasagna, veggie lasagna – anything! It can be healthy, unhealthy, whatever you want. But the best part about lasagna is that it’s such a different form of pasta – the sheets of noodles give you a lot more of that smooth pasta texture than any other kind of noodle. To me, it’s the pasta dish for pasta lovers who need a twist every now and then, and no one makes it better than my mom.

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November 5, 2008

Vote for Us!

The United States presidential campaigns might be over, but our campaign has just begun. Chew on That is a nominee for “Best Food Blog” in the Blogger’s Choice Awards and we kindly and respectfully ask for your vote. This position has long been held by a food blog called “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” and we believe, it’s time for a change in the foodie blogosphere (just kidding, we love her!). Get out the vote! (If if you couldn’t tell I’m still going through withdrawal from an election coverage overdose)  Vote Chew on That for Best Food Blog!

Voting directions after the jump!

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June 13, 2007

Cooking Disaster Carnival (How Macabre)

All the bloggers here at Chew on That love to eat. For example, after a trio of spicy crunch maki on Monday night, I couldn’t turn down two-dollar wings with my beer at the nearby bar. But, we don’t all claim to be master cooks. (Well, maybe Max does when none of the other bloggers are around…I’ve heard things about her risotto) Learning to cook is also about experimentation (and, um, food), and that means things occasionally go terribly but hilariously wrong. I tried to make falafel from scratch once with a mixture that stubbornly refused to remain balled, and ended up with oily muck.

It’s especially fun to hear about these cooking disasters from our fellow food bloggers (some much more seasoned than we).

So, send in your crazy cooking disaster stories for what will be a very amusing blog and article at recipe4living.com. I’ll be sure to give you some nice link-love at both locations.

Mail me at: caleywalsh at gmail dot com

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