July 23, 2014

Super-Fast, Super-Easy Coconut Deliciousness: Delectable Baked Cocadas


For us at Chew on That, this recipe has it all. Sweet and scrumptious. And did we mention fast, relatively low calorie, and simple-to-make (considering that our version has only three basic ingredients)?

And, folks, we’re not talking cake from a can. We’re talking wholesome summertime goodies with a Latin flair – baked cocadas! Read the rest of this entry »

July 15, 2013

I Made 15 Minute Berry Goat Cheese Tarts!


I’m a huge fan of  all things cheesecake, so I wanted to try to come up with a dessert that tasted as good but didn’t take all night to bake. Ta-da! I think I’m on to something with these simple berry goat cheese tarts.  Read the rest of this entry »

July 1, 2011

Getting ready for a Fourth of July Cookout? Make your food the hit of the potluck with amazing decorations

Not all of us are amazing artists, but we all know the difference between foods that look delectable and passable. Help put your Fourth of July dishes in the better category and learn how to spruce up your food by adding some decoration!
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January 4, 2011

Skip Fried Fish!


Though you may have heard of the “Bible Belt,” did you know that many of those same states have been designated as part of the “Stroke Belt” also? That’s because many of those Southern states have seen higher rates of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases than the rest of the country, according to the New York Times.

Research is now suggesting that part of the reason why this is so has to do with a common staple in Southern cuisine: fried fish. According to Recipe4Living, fish are high in protein, and healthy fats that promote eye health and decrease the likelihood of macular degeneration. But when you fry them up, much of their nutritional value is lost.
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