About Us

Dan Kamys, Senior Editor

Dan loves to cook because he loves to eat. As long as it’s unlikely the food will kill him, Dan will try it, though of late he has taken more to exploring vegetarian fare. Throughout his life, Dan has always used the kitchen as a way to relieve stress and exercise creativity. Though his creations don’t always end up cookbook quality (let’s not discuss the baking incidents), Dan loves cooking by instinct. Dan loves to make copycat recipes and serve restaurant-quality meals to his family. He also has a legendary weakness for all things sweet, chocolaty, creamy and outrageously decadent. An unrepentant lover of reality TV, Dan has watched every season of Top Chef, Iron Chef Americas and Chopped! at least twice. He looks forward to sharing recipes, insight, and laughs with you.

Michelle McConnaughey, Associate Editor

Michelle is fond of all things food, fashion, fitness — and fun! Although Michelle enjoys eating and cooking all kinds dishes, she gravitates toward meals that support a healthy lifestyle. Michelle admits to having a borderline obsessive fascination with following all the latest fitness and health diet crazes — whether paleo, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, fruitarian, mindful eating, smoothies, juicing — she covers them all. But meals – like life -require a certain balance. So you can always count on Michelle not to forget writing about the kind of sinfully delicious treats that make cheat-days worth having, too.

Jessica Finlay, Associate Editor

Jess is an omnivore with a passion for home cooking and food blogging. Jess especially likes deciphering the subtle tastes and techniques that add up to great dining experiences. She’s also not afraid to highlight the simple joys of those traditional comfort foods that make game days, picnics and family gatherings so special. Passionate about how different cooks approach describing their work, Jess enjoys reading other people’s food blogs, as well.

Will Grant, Contributing Editor

For Will, food is all about good times. So while enjoying fine dining and healthy recipes, Will’s is not afraid to share his own special appreciation for the world’s craziest snacks, fast foods and guilty pleasures. So whether its finding Chicago’s best Amish cider donuts, Coney Island’s ultimate chili dog, Philly’s biggest cheese steak, or San Francisco’s most calorific cronut, you can count on Will to bring you the type of entertaining food-related stories that make you first shake your head — and then want to read some more!

Trish Donoghue, Contributing Editor

A self-described ‘lazy chef,’ Trish focuses on recipes characterized by simplicity, ease of preparation and great taste. She’s the kind of home-chef for whom ‘one-pot,’ ‘two-ingredient’ and ‘no-bake’ recipes were made. Beyond bringing you some fantastically easy meal ideas, Trish also has a penchant for inspired snack foods and creative mixed drinks — making her posts appointment-reading for certain segments of the Chew On That audience!

Jim Sanger, Contributing Editor
Jim focuses his food writing on the best that life has to offer, covering topics related to restaurant dining, haute cuisine, ethnic foods, fine wines and small-producer craft beverages. When at home, he balances his more omnivorous restaurant and travel-related food adventures with an emphasis on meals inspired by fresh, healthy, locally-sourced organic ingredients. An unabashed techie, he also looks forward to bringing you stories that explore all manner of advanced culinary techniques and high-tech kitchen gadget goodness.

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