About Us

Dan, Editor

Dan loves to cook because he loves to eat. As long as it’s unlikely the food will kill him, Dan will try it. Throughout his life, Dan has always used the kitchen as a way to relieve stress and exercise creativity. Though his creations don’t always end up cookbook quality (let’s not discuss the baking incidents), Dan loves cooking by instinct. Dan loves to make copycat recipes and serve restaurant-quality meals to his family. His favorite food quote comes from Paula Deen: “I don’t want to spend my life not having good food go into my pie hole. That hole was made for pies.” He looks forward to sharing recipes, insight, and laughs with you.

Meredith, Editor

One of Meredith’s favorite pass times is looking up new recipes and experimenting in her kitchen. Unfortunately Meredith is a city girl and her tiny apartment houses a kitchen smaller than her closet, so she’s had to get a little creative in her cooking ventures. However,  if you’re looking for quick and easy recipes for one, Meredith is your girl.

Andi, Editor

Cooking may not be her middle name, but Andi sure loves eating and entertaining with friends and family. She is excited to dive into the foodie world and, with hope, not burn any cookies along the way.

 Shalayne, Community Contributor

Shalayne loves to try new recipes. Her favorite way to cook is by seeing what food she can scrounge up in the kitchen and throwing it together for a meal (they usually turn out well — usually). She gets excited thinking of new flavor combos and tweaks to old family recipes. Shalayne loves to eat. Growing up in a large Italian family with the motto “we live to eat never eat to live” has given her an appreciation for food form a very young age. She looks forward to uncovering new recipes and keeping the conversation going with her passion for all things food.

Stephanie, Community Contributor

There are three things that can instantly bring a smile to Stephanie’s face: puppies, babies and delicious food. With a food palate accepting of (almost) all foods, Stephanie enjoys trying and learning about new ethnic foods, trending dishes and latest health fads. She wishes to travel the world one day, documenting and sharing stories of those who live in different cultures and places.

Katherine, Community Contributor

Katherine’s absolutely favorite thing to do in the kitchen is make dessert. Sugar cookies, fudge-y brownies, cupcakes, frosted cakes and cinnamon buns, Katherine loves them all! Last year she dedicated her summer months to learning the art of Cake Pops, working her way from plain pops to cupcake themed to farm animals and back again (though, sadly, they never looked like the perfect sphere cake pops you’ll see at Starbucks). At Recipe4Living, Katherine hopes to expand her kitchen repertoire to more than baking, but is by no means giving up her favorite hobby. This summer she is taking on the “Slutty Brownie” challenge. Katherine is excited to contribute to the R4L team, and hopes to share her summer successes (and probably hilarious kitchen messes) with all of you.

Morgan, Community Contributor

Morgan is definitely not a cook, but one thing is for sure, she loves food. She loves talking about it, writing about it, and most of all, eating it. Morgan just got back from studying abroad in Italy, where she was constantly surrounded with delicious traditional Italian cuisine. Her favorite foods are pizza, sushi, turkey sandwiches with mustard, nachos, Portillo’s Chopped Salad, and let’s me honest, much, much more!

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