Unholy Cannoli!

Today, June Media’s Chicago editorial team – among them some of the very same luminaries responsible for the content on Chew on That – found itself under siege by a what can probably best be described as a multi-warheaded, Halloween-inspired monster – the cannoli-bomb.

Made by the fine folks at Chicago’s Avanti bakery, this mega-cannoli consisted of something akin to a colossal fried-pastry canister filled with a burgeoning multitude of flavor-packed mini-connolis. Stated simply, it was the confectionary equivalent of a super-caloric, coma-inducing cluster-bomb.

Fortunately, we can report that, in an apparent act of Halloween-spirited self-sacrifice, nearly the entire Chicago office of June Media threw themselves on this hyper cannoli. And that seemingly foolhardy act apparently succeeded: amidst all of the sweet ricotta-cream and chocolate chip carnage, not a single staff casualty was reported.

Though we’re told that the sugar-rush lingers on …

Happy Halloween from Chew on That!

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