2 Ingredient Frozen Blueberry Treat


The other day while perusing my Instagram feed I came across a photo of yogurt-dipped blueberries. After seeing that I decided that I was going to make them. So I did. And they were pretty good, if I can say so myself.

The concept is simple enough. Cover a blueberry in yogurt, freeze and enjoy.

I started out by giving my blueberries a good rinse in my new Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer. After rinsing them a few times I strained the little guys and placed them into a small bowl.

To be perfectly honest with you, I am not a gourmet chef. And since I knew I was going to be the only one enjoying this fresh and frozen summertime treat the look wasn’t as important to me. So when it came time to “dipping” my blueberries I opted for the lazy-gals approach: covering them yogurt.

In my small bowl with blueberries I added a ½ C. of non-fat vanilla yogurt and mixed together to coat the blueberries.

After that I spooned the yogurt-covered blueberries onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and placed that in the freezer overnight.

The next morning I took them out of the freezer and found that the yogurt-covered blueberries were a tad difficult to remove from the parchment paper. After getting my frozen treats off the parchment paper I had more blueberry and yogurt chunks as opposed to beautifully dipped blueberries. But hey, looks aren’t everything.


The Taste Test: They were pretty good, yet kind of interesting. I loved getting the flavor of both the blueberry and yogurt in each bite. And they weren’t overly sweet which was very nice. My one complaint was the chilled blueberry skins felt a bit like paper when I was eating them.

Overall Consensus: I would make them again in a heartbeat. They were super simple, packed the nutritious punch of a blueberry and they were actually very refreshing. However the next time I think I will take the extra time to dip my blueberries and possible try it with vanilla Greek yogurt.

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