What Your Favorite Bagel And Cream Cheese Says About You

That’s right – the next time you go to order this classic combo, keep these fun personality factoids in mind!


Plain bagel+ plain cream cheese= You over think everything, but you end up with the simplest solution anyways. I know you’re contemplating the honey- walnut cream cheese, but you’re going to go with the plain anyways. Just make your life easier and get this combination every time so you have one less decision to agonize over.


Plain bagel+ sweet cream cheese (blueberry, honey walnut, etc)= You enjoy the simple things in life, like sitting on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning and listening to the birds. Sometimes people think you’re slow and can get impatient with you though.


Plain bagel+ plain cream cheese+ salmon= You’re from New York or you wish you were. You’re a focused person who enjoys the finer things life has to offer, but sometimes you come across as cold.


Blueberry bagel+ blueberry cream cheese or any sweet bagel+ fruity cream cheese combo = You’re hyperactive and whimsical. Kind of like a child. It gets obnoxious, but you’re so damn sweet nobody really cares.


Everything bagel+ plain cream cheese= You’re hip and you know it. Did I really just say ‘hip’? I mean cool. Too cool. You’re like James Dean cool with your leather jacket and fair trade coffee from the new coffee joint that nobody else knows about.


Everything bagel+ veggie cream cheese=  You were probably the weird/ funny/nerdy kid in class, but you embrace it. Once people get over being seen with you when you wear your cape in public, they really like you and find you laid back and fun. But I mean… people generally avoid people who wear capes.


Cinnamon raisin bagel+ plain cream cheese= You may be shy and quiet, but you say the craziest things when you do finally speak.


Egg bagel+ plain/veggie cream cheese= You’re a true connoisseur, but it does mean you tend to be picky about everything. But you own it and embrace it. So what if you can’t have anything on your plate touching, or it takes 15 minutes to make your Starbucks drink? You like what you like and you’re proud of it.


Onion/ garlic bagel + plain/veggie cream cheese= You just don’t care what anybody thinks of you. You know who you are and what you like… I’d be surprised if you’re even reading this.


Whole wheat bagel+ plain/veggie/ fruit cream cheese= You think you’re a health nut but you probably only hit the gym once or twice a week. You’re very focused on health, but you still eat bagels and cream cheese. But who could blame you?


Asiago bagel+ butter/plain cream cheese= You’re the opposite of the whole wheat bagel person. You will go for what tastes best regardless of the calories, fat, or the fact that it’s 7am. You’re probably drinking a bloody mary with that bagel because you really live life to the fullest.

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  • Amy

    Too funny~ and true. I’m the everything + plain cc. I am wearing my leather jacket right now j/k ;)

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