Behold The Pizzaburger

This past weekend I was asked to sample a new menu item at Boston’s, a neighborhood sports bar and restaurant famous for it’s hand tossed gourmet pizzas. This month Boston’s debuted a new menu item they appropriately call their “bundle of joy”. The bundle in question? The stuffed Pizzaburger. I must admit, the rather intimidating looking burger had me a little nervous. Naturally I love pizza, and I’ve been known to kill a burger or two, but never had I considered combining the two. I like to think I have a somewhat refined pallet, but I’m also in my twenties and enjoy cheesy and greasy bar food from time to time. I knew I was meeting my match with this burger, which is why in preparation for my lunch at Boston’s I refrained from eating anything. I wanted my stomach completely prepared for this gluttonous experience.

As I entered Boston’s I felt like Adam Richman on Man Versus Food. Trying the Pizzaburger was my conquest, finishing it would be nothing short of a miracle. I was informed by the manager that just the day before, a man had finished the whole burger in one sitting. I felt confident that finishing half would be a suitable goal. I had to remind myself that I was there to enjoy the food, but leave it to me to take advantage of any chance to be competitive.

So here is what I was up against:

The making of Boston’s Pizzaburger 

They take a half-pound Angus burger and wrap it in a cheese pizza. The five cheese pizza burger I tasted was stuffed with mozzarella, cheddar, feta & Asiago cheeses, and pizza sauce. They fold the pizza dough over the burger, cheeses, and sauce and top with Parmesan cheese. The burger is then placed in the wood oven (where all their pizzas are cooked) and baked till the dough is perfectly crispy. They top it off with lettuce, tomato and pickle. They also make another Pizzaburger with bacon and pepperoni. Maybe next time.

When I cut into the center, cheese and pizza sauce oozed out. I would recommend a fork and knife for tackling this beast. The pizza dough was perfectly crisp and my burger was cooked just right. I could taste the medley of cheeses, and the pizza sauce was fresh and delicious. The Pizzaburger is the traditional calzone’s distant cousin. While it is both a pizza AND a burger, neither one overpowers the other. It is truly a match made in hungry heaven. My verdict: A bundle of joy indeed!

Boston’s has 350 locations in Canada and over 40 locations across the U.S. and Mexico. With over 90 menu items and a comfortable, sports bar atmosphere, Boston’s is your typical neighborhood hangout. The servers are friendly, the food is fresh, and the Pizzaburger is…well unbelievable.

So I know your wondering how much of this burger I actually got through. I was very proud of myself, I made it through half! The rest came home and a doggy bag for later!


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  • Amy

    OMG! That looks amazing….. I think I might try making my own version….

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