ENDED August Free Food Friday: Chicago Cutlery ProHold Knife Line

This contest has ended. Congratulations to Marilon Krebs for winning!

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  • Carolyn

    I would like to have these knives because knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen. Mine have not been replaced in years. I love to cook and these would help me to be a better one.

  • Tonya

    I would like to win so that I could actually be using knives of quality to do my cooking with. Mine are a disaster, a bit of this and a bit of that to make a complete set, they have to kept in a drawer as there’s no holder nor knife block for any of them, and none of them stay sharp. Winning this set would be a wonderful thing to happen for me. This is a wonderful opportunity to possibly help with my cooking ‘needs’.

  • Ruth Wherley

    Help! My knives are over 30 years old! I could really use a new set to help with my food prep.

  • Kim Bakos

    Good knives with nice handles would make cutting eaiser as i have fibromyalgia

  • lou

    i sure could use these. my ex publicly dumped all my stuff about 18 months ago when we divorced. i’m still trying to replace things. i only have a couple of knives right now …a paring knife and a steak knife. really need these and would love to win them.

  • Linda Edmondson

    I would be so thankful to win the Chicago Cutlery ProHold Knife see because: yea someone finally took the time to include how are hand are important to holding the knives, thank you.. This important to me and millions of others who are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I do not have a set of knives that would even suggest the best position for a good grip. It sounds great. Hope I win. Can’t wait, and tell all my friends about them when I win.

    Thank you,

  • Tammie Carver

    I would love to win this knife set… I recently got remarried and have the same set that I got in my first marriage which was over 25 years ago. I do not have a complete set and the ones I have are worn really bad and really don’t cut too well…. Thank you so much..

  • Philisha Henderson

    I would love to give these amazing knives to my future mother in law. You could sharpen them every day and still they are dull. Plus now the handles are falling off when you try to use them. She helps everyone out but never gets does anything for herself. I know she would appreciate them.

  • channallocks

    sick of worring if someone is going to get cut

  • S Carter

    I am taking cooking classes in September and would love to have this prohold knife set to use at home.

  • hawkshoe

    My current knife set is old and dull. I could really use some good quality kitchen knives so I can show my kids how to use them properly in the kitchen (right now I won’t let them use my dull ones as I know they are not safe).

  • valeriemabrey

    i need new knives and they would get the chopping done so much faster

  • Katie Roch

    I would like the Chicago Cutlery ProHold knife set because I love Chicago Cutlery products. I currently use Chicago Cutlery in my kitchen but it does not have the new grips that this set features. This set would make me feel more confident in food preparation and reduce slips.


  • mickeyfan

    I love to cook and I got Chicago Cutlery knives for my wedding. But that was THIRTY THREE YEARS AGO!!! I think I deserve new ones!

  • Tamar

    My kitchen knives are hardly ideal – they don’t really cut well and they were cheap. I use knives often though – in fact, I’m about to cook a dish and cut up a ton of veggies – so I could use this in a few minutes if I win it in the next few seconds and get it 3D printed before I start… ;)

  • Char Lovato

    Winning this Chicago Cutlery ProHold knife set would sure make life in the kitchen easier for me. :) The knives I have now are pretty old~some of them used to be my mothers. I love them but they probably need to be replaced by now…
    Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  • Dusty

    I would love to win the CHICAGO CUTLERY PROHOLD knife line, because I saw this same product, at a client’s house, and my oh my, did I develop a huge case of knife envy! The wooden block to hold all the knives in is like a sculpture, and my cooking time, (looking for the right knife, realizing it is not sharp enough and looking for another…oh and a place to keep the kitchen scissors), would be reduced.

  • Lori Larsen

    I would love to win the CHICAGO CUTLERY PROHOLD knife set because my first and best ever knife set was CHICAGO CUTLERY and because I had this, other family members bought sets for themselves. I think the quality is a top reason why this is so.

  • Julie Goetz

    I would love to win because my knives are so old. The block is broken and we only have 4 knives left. Obvi the set I have is a cheaper set.

  • John

    The knives that I have are an old cheap set that simply will not hold an edge.I am trying to develope my knife skills and these would help so much. INITOWINIT ;-)

  • cynthiac

    I would like them for my son who loves to cook and does not own quality knives. He would really appreciate this set.

  • Satia Renee

    My husband and I both love to cook so much that we actually get into debates about who gets to cook dinner. I’m not sure if winning knives will stop the debates but having more than the few knives we have may mean we get to both work in the kitchen side-by-side because while he’s using one type of knife I can use the other.

  • Susanne from Idaho

    I have some Chicago Cutlery that I purchased about 25 years ago and I love them. I would love to win this set. Thanks.

  • Lana Jobe

    I have never owned a really good set of knives and would love to have these to use and cherish as my new prized kitchen tools!



  • Grandma

    I hope to win this Fabulous The Chicago Cutlery ProHold Knife Line for my teenage Granddaughter who enjoys inventing new recipies and then taking pictures of them and sharing them with family and friends. I want to thank The Chicago Cutlery Brand for designing knives that reward the at-home chef’s success, my Granddaughter, with her future knife skills in the kitchen! Thank you from a Happy Grandma!

  • donlou

    A chef once told me that you are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife, and I’m way too old to cut off my finger. So in order to avoid this calamity, I surely do need a new knife set. “85 and Getting Younger”.

  • Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would love a Chicago Cutlery ProHold knife set to replace the “ancient” wooden handle chief & paring knives that we currently use: the handles are falling apart & the metal is rusting away !

  • Marilon Krebs

    I have been cooking for almost 60 years and have not had a good set of knives. Since retirement I have begun cooking and baking more and trying out new recipes. A new cutlery set would certainly make this fun!

  • Deb C

    I despise dull knives but I can’t afford good ones, really good ones. I have read great reviews for Chicago Cutlery so I would love owning this set.

  • Dan

    Congratulations Marilon,

    You won the giveaway! Please email me a shipping address at dank@junemedia.com and I’ll get that out to you right away!

    Dan Kamys

  • Becca

    I would like this because our knives are old and cheap. I could cook more efficiently with sharp knives that actually work!

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