10-Minute Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes To Make

Breakfast, I’m sorry for my inconsistent ways. Some days, I enjoy your company. Some days, I don’t. But today, our love-hate relationship will be restored. I’ve found the solution: 10-minute quick and easy breakfast recipes. Now nothing can ever stand between us.

Fast Fried Rice
Fried rice for breakfast? You bet. In less than 10 minutes, you can cook yourself a warm, delicious bowl of fried rice — without the excess grease and taste of MSG. Get started on your daily servings of grains, beans and veggies with this simple and tasty breakfast. It won’t slow you down like the fast food kind. Instead, the freshness of tofu, brown rice and stir-fried vegetables will give you the morning boost you need.

Minute Milk Shakes
When there isn’t enough time to sit down and eat, take a quick breakfast milk shake on-the-go. With this recipe, there isn’t a wrong way of making a delicious Minute Milk Shake. Experiment with different ingredients and revolutionize the traditional milk shake. Add some cornflakes for texture or chocolate chips for sweetness. Try a breakfast fruit smoothie while you’re at it.

Yogurt Parfait
Why get them at the store or drive-through when you can make it yourself? All you need is some granola, yogurt and fruit to make alternating layers of each ingredient. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to prepare, unless you’re making one for a giant — which is never the case. I rest my case.

Breakfast Mini Pizzas
I do like my re-heated leftover pizza. But the thought of freshly made pizza seems much more alluring. And, they’re mini. How can I resist? Bring out the inner chef in you and start your morning with this creative recipe.

Onion And Herb Frittata
This isn’t any omelette, you see. It’s a light, yet filling, Italian-style omelette that marries the rich flavors of onions, eggs, herbs and cheese. If this doesn’t entice you, I’m sure it’s quick preparation will. In under 10 minutes, enjoy a delicious, warm frittata in the comforts of your home. I know what I’m making tomorrow morning.

For more quick and easy breakfast recipes, check out Recipe4Living.

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