Fondue Fun At The Melting Pot

Last night my girlfriends and I went to The Melting Pot for their Ladies’ Night Out. It was one of our last times together before we all part ways for school at the end of the month and we thought fondue would be a fun way to celebrate. Two out of four of us had been to The Melting Pot before (I was one of the fondue virgins.) It was a fun, delicious and food-coma inducing experience!

There are a lot of dining options at The Melting Pot—too many to go through them all—but the hostesses and waiters are very thorough and they went through the menu twice for us. We decided to do the four course meal, which included the cheese fondue, a salad, a meat entrée and the chocolate fondue. It was quite a lot of food to say the least, but we wanted to get the whole fondue experience.

The cheese fondue came first. We chose the Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue. It was delicious! They cooked the cheese fondue in front of us which was really cool. At that point we were starving, so the anticipation waiting for the cheese to melt was pure torture. The cheese came with an assortment of bread, veggies and apples. I’d never had apples with cheese before, but it was surprisingly quite tasty. Then again, cheese with pretty much anything is good in my book.

The next course was the salad. Unlike the cheese, the salads were individual. I got the Spinach Mushroom Salad, one of my friends got the Caprese Salad and the other two got Ceaser Salads. Mine wasn’t terrible, but I wish I got the caesar.

Now, at this point I was already full, but I knew I had to push through. We had two courses left for crying out loud!  The meat is an extra 9 dollars and if I could take it back I probably wouldn’t have gotten it because I honestly think the cheese, salad and chocolate was enough. Plus, the meat really ran up the bill. This place really isn’t college budget friendly.

I got the combo meat option which included steak, chicken, shrimp and ravioli. You can choose your cooking style so we chose the broth option. Honestly because it was free (#brokecollegestudentprobs.) If it’s your first time then I say try the meat, otherwise skip it because it’s just too much!

Last, but certainly no least, was my favorite part. The chocolate! I was extremely full at this point, but who could pass up chocolate? There were quite a lot of chocolate selections for this as well, but we chose milk chocolate because we’re simple like that. The chocolate came with cheesecake, brownies, marshmallows (my fav), rice krispies, strawberries, bananas and pound cake. It was ah-may-zing!

Overall, this dining experience was unique to say the least! It’s definitely something I think everyone should try at least some point in their lives. Whether you’re with your friends, family or your significant other, The Melting Pot is an enjoyable dining experience!

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