Morgan Makes: Trader Joe’s Green Beans

I was at my friend’s house when I discovered Trader Joe’s Green Beans. These crunchy, salted green beans surprisingly taste just like french fries. And I mean, who could hate a healthy french fry?  They were delicious, but I don’t go to Trader Joe’s very often so I knew that if I wanted to have this tasty snack again, I would have to make it myself.

Which is why I decided these green beans would be the next test subject in “Morgan Makes”.  One of my goals for this series was to learn how to make some of my favorite things, in order to save money and refrain from simply buying them at the grocery store. I thought trying out a similar green bean recipe online would help me stick to that goal. Lucky for me, this “Morgan Makes” literally cost me nothing. I’m currently dog sitting and guess what they had growing in their backyard? Yup, green beans! The only other things I needed was salt, cooking spray and olive oil. All of which they had.

I could only get about seven green beans from their plants, but the recipe is simple enough that you can follow it for anywhere between  10 and 300 green beans. They came out surprisingly tasty for my first time cooking them. However, this recipe was pretty fool proof so I’m not giving myself too much credit. Of course I don’t have any evidence of their existence because I accidentally deleted the one photo I took. My mom still doesn’t believe I actually cooked them.

Overall, I don’t think they were as good as the Trader Joe’s ones, but they weren’t bad! I’ll definitely continue making them as a healthy snack.

The recipe I followed in case you want to make them yourself!

What you need:

Green beans, as many as your heart desires


Cooking Spray

Olive oil, optional

What to do:

Cut off the ends of the green beans. Wash and then dry the green beans. Spray a cooking sheet with the cooking spray. Place the green beans on the sheet. Then spray the green beans. Dust salt on the green beans as well as some olive oil, if desired. Preheat the oven at 400 and cook green beans for 30 minutes, making sure to stir the beans every 10 minutes until they are crispy.


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  • sweetcarol

    I have gotten the dehydrated beans at Publix and have also gotten a mix of veggies, like sweet potatoes, beets, green beans, carrots, etc. that were dehydrated. They may have been freeze dried but to make myself I’d either use the oven or the dehydrator. Oven would be faster. All these veggies are delicious when dried with just a bit of salt on them when sprayed. I have found a kale and chia chip like a tortilla chip that is so much better than other tortilla chips. They are wonderful. Those were at Costco in a bag. All healthier than white potato chips or French fries. But the homemade ones, if you grow the veggies or have neighbors who do, it is also very inexpensive.

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