Just Put It In An Ice Cube Tray

Overnight, the ice cube tray evolved into a universal cube-making gadget. Ice cubes are elementary now. Mini popsicles? That’s so 2000. Want to know the most current and genius ways of using an ice cube tray? Keep reading.

Coffee Ice Cubes
I wish I’d thought of this sooner. What do you get when you put coffee ice cubes into iced coffee? That’s right. Iced coffee. Watered-down iced coffee will be a thing of the past.

Jello Shots
You won’t be needing a mass quantity of tiny cups anymore. With a few ice cube trays, you’ll save time and increase your efficiency. Plus, the planet will thank you for not using disposable cups. Try our creamsicle jello shots to see whether ice cube trays pass the test.

Frozen Yogurt
Save yourself a trip to a frozen yogurt store by making it yourself. For a fluffy texture, use Yoplait Whip. But if want the true homemade experience, make your own yogurt.

Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Bites
The idea of chocolate-covered cheesecake bites is a genius invention in itself. But to use an ice cube tray is double the genius and creativity. So what are you waiting for? Make your own chocolate-covered cheesecake bites now!

Tip: Coat the ice cube tray with oil before putting chocolate on the bottom and sides of each ice cube mold with a spoon. Once you’ve done that, add the cheesecake filling and top it off with some more chocolate. Then, for 2-3 hours, leave the ice cube trays in the freezer. Afterwards, let them sit out for 2-3 minutes and enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Sticks
An alternative to hot chocolate spoons, try making homemade hot chocolate sticks. With the perfect hot chocolate recipe, you’ll have yourself a tasty treat on a cold night.

Tip: For the hot chocolate mix, use 9 oz. milk chocolate (not chips), 7 oz. semi-sweet chocolate (not chips), 1/2 C. (1.5 oz) cocoa, 1 C. (4.5 oz) powdered sugar, and 1/8 tsp salt. You will have to chop the chocolate into small pieces (less than 3/4 inch long) and microwave for 30 seconds. Mix with dry ingredients and pipe the hot chocolate mix into each ice cube mold.  To get rid of air bubbles, pound the tray lightly on the counter. Then, place a stick in the middle and add four mini marshmallows on top surrounding the stick.

Leftover Cubes
By now, you probably get the idea that you can put just about anything into an ice cube tray. If you’re in need of preserving any leftovers, an ice cube tray is a great way to do it. Homemade tomato sauce, pesto sauce, baby food, herbs in olive oil — anything. But remember, freezing them doesn’t make them invincible. Be sure to know how long they last in the freezer before going bad, and freeze responsibly.


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