Surprising Sweet and Salty Combinations

When it comes to life, I usually follow the rules. But when it comes to food, I’m willing to take a few risks —  for the sake of my taste buds. And thankfully, my experimenting endeavors usually result in better tasting food. But it’s when I discover a combination so unexpectedly delicious that I’m truly rewarded for my daring food choices. Bacon and pineapples? Maybe not so shocking. But white chocolate and olives? Now I gotcha.

As the saying goes, opposites attract — even with food. These surprising sweet and salty combinations will turn your (food) world upside down. So take a seat and prepare to be marveled by these delicious duos.

White Chocolate and Olives
I may not be a fan of olives, but I do love my chocolate. Still, the idea of eating olives made me a bit wary. However, it’s not as bizarre as it sounds. Because olives are preserved in brine or salt before they’re eaten, they’re actually quite salty. Sprinkle a few on your white chocolate-covered panini and you’re in for a treat.

Bacon and Just About Anything
Though America is no longer the “fattest” nation (we’ve humbly accepted second place), we still love our bacon. It’s become a household staple food and a necessary “wrapper” to plain-tasting foods. Do you feel like something’s missing? Just wrap bacon around it. Bacon is the remedy of all things too sweet or bland. My personal favorite is chocolate-covered bacon crisps.

Eggs and Coconut
This combination is a likely one that I would’ve never put together. Both are common ingredients in baked goods, so it makes sense that they’d make one sweet and salty couple. The salty, buttery taste of an egg yolk tastes great with the mild sweetness of a coconut. Add some coconut milk into your eggs for a delicious omelet; sprinkle shavings into your pancake mix to serve on the side; or mix coconut milk, eggs and sugar for a tasty breakfast spread.

Avocado and Coffee 
I’ve heard of avocado fruit smoothies, but never with coffee. This sweet and salty beverage has gotten me excited. Avocados not only have a salty taste that mixes will with coffee, but a thick texture that will bring about a consistency similar to a smoothie or milkshake. If you’ve got a ripened avocado lying around, I suggest you take half of it and blend it with a cup of (cooled) coffee. If you’re in need of a sweeter taste, mix in 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk and 2 tablespoons of vanilla. Don’t forget to add the ice cubes!

What’s your favorite surprising sweet and salty combinations? Share in the comment box below!

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