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I’m terrible at cooking. Like, really, really awful. I once almost burned the house down trying to make macaroni and cheese, and that was just while using the microwave. I also can’t spread mustard on bread without getting it all over myself. These are just two simple statistics—among many—that prove I am highly challenged in the kitchen.

Ever since I started writing for Chew On That and Recipe for Living, I’ve been inspired to learn how to cook. They say practice makes perfect. So, the only way I can get better is to actually cook. That’s where “Morgan Makes” comes in. Here on Chew On That, I will begin documenting my cooking adventures. I’m not promising success. Or, that the things I make will resemble anything edible, but what I am saying is that I will give it the ol’ college try.

My mom was also an influencer in the starting of this Chew On That series. She begs me to cook or at least contribute in some way to meal preparation. Unless something is literally spelled out for me, I fail at it. Therefore, I usually stay clear of the kitchen when my mom is cooking. Well, this is for you, Mom. I’m going to try and cook you dinner.

Morgan Makes will also provide me with the opportunity to learn how to make some of my favorite dishes. I’m living in an apartment next year, so unless I want to live off of cereal—like I did last year—I’m going to have to learn how to cook. Most of my favorite meals are from my mom or I order them when I’m out to eat. But I’ve neverattempted to make them myself. Of course I will have to start with something small and then work my way up to some more extravagant meals. So, next week I’m going to start simple with my interpretation of Trader Joe’s Crunchy Green Beans, but eventually I will work my way up to cooking a deep dish pizza. Yeah, you read that right a deep dish pizza.

Wish me luck as I start my Morgan Makes adventure.

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