Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds

I love almonds, I love soy sauce, and I love wasabi, but I never imagined mixing these three ingredients could make up my new favorite snack!

My mom and I were in time crunch and didn’t feel like going to an actual grocery store, so we stopped by CVS to pick up a few essentials. While strolling through aisles for some I spotted the nut shelf. I figured I would just grab some raw almonds, but my eye caught the wasabi and soy sauce almonds? I figure I might as well spice things up a bit! The nutritional information proved to be pretty promising as well. The 170 calories servings didn’t seem too bad to me, and while I was highly suspicious of how they would taste, I decided to give them a try.

The next day when snack time rolled around I grabbed the almonds and my mom and I each tried one. We didn’t want to risk trying too many at once in case they were extra spicy. They are one of Blue Diamond’s “bold” flavors after all. I was surprised to discover they are actually quite mild. Important disclaimer: I do have a fairly high spice tolerance. Nevertheless, my mom and I both thought, “wow, these are really good.”

They are the perfect blend of spicy and salty. They have a kick to them which I like, but they aren’t too overpowering where you can’t eat more than five. They are also highly addictive. I brought them to the office today and a good majority of my coworkers all had the same response: Yum! Even the non-spicy lovers enjoyed these. All in all, this snack passed all our taste tests and is making tour go-to snack list.

My favorite part about eating these? Licking my fingers when I’m finished. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like that part of snacking?

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