Designer Pizza

How would you like to eat a pair of Louboutins? Or a slice of Queen Beyoncé? How about a little Tom Ford on your plate? That is possible, if you are in Glasgow, Scotland’s, Southside and eating at Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Couture or Bella Napoli.

That’s right. Pizza Couture.

This masterful pizza artist has created the true to life recreations of designers and celebrities on his cheese pizza canvas. And to tell you the truth, they are incredible. Using a scalpel and his artistic eye, Crolla is able to carve the likeness of well-known figures on to a pizza pie. Like Michelangelo did to marble. But this time it tastes way better.

Here are a few favorite designs from this restaurateur and artist:

Tom Ford

Anna Wintour

Karl Lagerfeld

Sophia Loren


To see more of Domenico Crolla’s fabulous work check out his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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