Are You Ready For Your New Favorite Dessert?


Old family recipes never fail when it comes to delicious desserts. This recipe is my absolute FAVORITE from the incredible kitchen of my Auntie Gina. It is also the simplest no-bake, frozen dessert you will ever find. What is it you ask? 

My Auntie Gina’s Creamy Ice Box Cake.

My cousins and I are so addicted; every family get-together has to feature this dessert to keep us appeased. My aunt once tried to get fancy for Christmas by switching up the pudding flavors – to which my cousin half-jokingly replied, “Mom, you ruined Christmas!”


The Recipe


1 box vanilla wafer cookies

1 box chocolate pudding, instant

1 box vanilla pudding, instant

1 carton whipped topping

mixed berries to garnish



Simply find your favorite glass serving dish and spray the bottom and side with non-stick cooking spray. Line the dish (bottom and sides) with vanilla wafer cookies. Follow the directions on your box of chocolate pudding and pour over the wafers. Let that sit for a few minutes then add another layer of the wafer cookies. Do the same with the vanilla pudding and refrigerate for about 10 minutes. When you are ready to serve, slather on a hearty layer of whipped topping and garnish with berries or fresh mint.

Note: The longer it is refrigerated before serving the better. This gives the pudding time to take shape so that you can easily cut it into nice even squares.


It is simply amazing.

The creamy goodness of vanilla and chocolate pudding and the subtle texture of the wafer cookies combine for a sugar-high dream dessert. The wafer cookies even begin to soften just enough to loose their crunch yet still offer a bit of structure that blends seamlessly with the creamy pudding. I also love that it is much lighter and more refreshing than traditional cake or cheesecake. Now you can take a hearty helping and enjoy the mixed flavors, instead of feeling too guilty to take more than a bite.

I am telling you; once you serve this it will become a party staple just like it is in my family. And remember, it’s is not only a crowd pleaser for parties, but also a delectable dessert for a mid-week treat. Speaking of which, I think I’ll go make some right about now…


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