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Processed food companies are fooling us, America. There is a new food trend that major processed food companies are jumping on the bandwagon for, that is making their unnatural food appear to be more natural. Companies are not taking the steps to make products more natural, they are simply making them look more natural. And we are buying them.

This push to look more natural is paying attention to the idea that people “eat with their eyes.” Many consumers are shying away from products that look to be overly-processed. They now have an easy alternative. Consumers are able to still enjoy their processed foods, but now they don’t have to look as processed.  For example grill marks typically come to most fast-food chains before they are cooked in-store and some deli meat’s roasted color is from a caramel food coloring.

Here are a few more examples of how food companies are pushing to look more natural:

The Kraft Foods®Carving Board line of deli meats has been developed to appear as though it has been sliced at home. Varying widths and shapes of the meat slice give that illusion. It stands out next to their oval counterparts as looking like something that came from a Thanksgiving turkey.

At McDonalds® the new Egg White Delight McMuffin features egg whites that have a looser shape than the identical discs used to make the original McMuffin. McDonalds also has four different shapes (the shapes are a bone, ball, bell and boot) for their chicken nuggets so their chicken pieces don’t appear to look too uniform.

Domino’s® new Domino’s ArtisanTM Pizzas use the same crust, the company has just instructed workers not to make it look too perfect when they make it. The imperfections lead consumers to think they are getting a one-of-a-kind rustic pizza.

Even Wendy’s® has strayed away from their square burger patties. In an effort to look less mass produced the company is softening the edges. How’s that for never cutting corners?

What do you think about the push to look more natural? Is it affecting your grocery store purchases?

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