I’m Still Fascinated by the Cronut

When Dominique Ansel, of the Dominique Ansel Bakery, introduced the world to his beautiful croissant and doughnut hybrid in May the world seemed to get a little brighter. And Since that day the CronutTM (yes, it is trademarked) has been taking the world by storm.

It took the celebrated pastry chef over two months to create this freaky-fantastic food. And after his laboring and creating we have this Franken-food that boasts the delicious fried outside of a doughnut and the flaky crusts of a croissant.

Cronuts are made with special laminated dough layered in varying thicknesses and deep-fried in grape seed oil. After that the little beauties are filled with cream, rolled in sugar and glazed. The entire process takes three days to complete. It seems worth it to create the greatest breakfast/dessert/anytime treat.

The problem is I have yet to try one.

That may be because I am not in New York City. And they don’t ship Cronuts. (Actually, you shouldn’t ship Cronuts they only have a shelf life of six hours.) But I am dying to know what these babies are like.

I am not the only one with this issue. There is such a demand for Cronuts that Cronut scalpers have started showing up and charging outrageous prices (like over $40).

According to the website there are three ways to get your Cronut fix:

1. Go to New York City and wait in line. And by wait in line they mean wake up with the roosters and getting to the bakery at least two hours before they open. And that’s not a guarantee that you will get a Cronut. They have been selling out in the first 15 minutes of opening. There is also a two Cronut per person limit at the store.

2. You can get on the pre-order list. Every Monday at 11 a.m. you can call the bakery and try to get through to get on the pre-order list. There is a six Cronut limit and the list fills up mighty fast.

3. You can bulk order more than a month in advance. If you email the shop at least one month ahead of time you will be put on a waiting list. As of now July is already filled up. So plan accordingly. It is a first come, first serve basis.

If that seems wholly unobtainable, cross your fingers and hope Dominique Ansel opens up a few more bakeries across the U.S.

If you do get your hands on a Cronut, make sure to use a serrated knife to slice it. Otherwise you will ruin the delicate layers. And never put a Cronut in the refrigerator. The humidity will make it soggy.

Have you tried a Cronut? If so, let us know what you think!

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