Every Day is Doughnut Day

dunkin donut's glazed donut breakfast sandwich

I don’t know how I managed to let this slip my mind: June 7 was National Doughnut Day. Though it pains me to think about the many finger-licking freebies I missed out on– especially the French Crullers and Long Johns– that’s not the worst of it. What hurts me the most is the neglect I’ve given to the national debut of Dunkin’ Donuts’ newest creation: the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. Luckily for me, every day is doughnut day– and today seems like a great day to celebrate.

So what eggsactly is this heavenly creation? As you can see, it’s a simple but revolutionary food that consists of one peppered fried egg and strips of bacon sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Sure, it isn’t the most hearty-healthy breakfast food out there, but I’ll have you know that it contains less calories than their DDSMART® Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. I rest my case.

But does the sandwich really measure up to what it’s advertised to be? Well, I couldn’t just sit here and let the picture speak on its behalf.

After travelling to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and getting a breakfast sandwich of my own, I’ve made my verdict: the sandwich met — if not exceeded– my expectations. The neutral taste of the peppered egg managed to balance two opposing flavors and textures of the sandwich: the sweetness and softness of the donuts, and the saltiness and crispiness of the bacon strips. In this affair of opposites, the egg played the role of the matchmaker– and succeeded.

However, some may criticize the sandwich for not looking identical to the advertised image. But what food does? Yes, the donuts may not appear as perfect or the bacon strips as thick. But in the end, bacon is bacon. A donut is a donut. And an egg is an egg. For that reason, this sandwich has become an honorary member of my “Sweet and Salty” Hall of Fame.

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