Cleansing Drinks: Hit or Miss

incorrect cleansing drink

The other day, my mom introduced me to a cleansing drink her friend has been raving about. Apparently, in only a month, she lost 10 pounds after drinking one glass of blended carrot, broccoli, cabbage and tomato juice before every meal. It sounded simple enough.

Well, see that spoon? Red flag. Something’s gone amiss if you’re given a spoon to consume a cleansing drink, and I suggest you run the other way. But the fibrous vegetable remains? That’s a white flag. It’s best to surrender from this point on. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of vegetables and I can’t live without them. But when they’re mashed and blended together into a liquified pulp, they’ve betrayed the trust of my taste buds.

I’ll most likely eat anything and everything, and it’s been like that ever since I was young. But I soon discovered that there were certain foods I couldn’t eat– a texture, rather. Any food too smooth, chunky or slimey made me grimace and gag. It’s like my throat becomes temporarily paralyzed. Either that or my mind is as stubborn as my mom claims it to be.

I came across the same problem with my mom’s cleansing drink. It wasn’t so much the taste, but the texture, that made me a little nauseous. The appearance didn’t help much either. But with the help of orange juice, I managed to finish the beastly thing. And I pledged to never try that cleansing drink again.

But the second time around, my mom promised to blend the vegetables until they became an actual liquid drink. Having been scarred from my previous experience, I was still hesitant. But I gave it another try, seeing that it was free of broccoli chunks and vegetable pulp.

Correct cleansing drink

Although I still prefer my veggies steamed or raw, this cleansing drink– when prepared the correct way– did leave me feeling refreshed and light. It renewed my trust in cleansing drinks, and I’ll be trying this detox to see if there’s truth behind the hype. For now, only time will tell. Wish me luck!
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